#8 E.T.- "E.T. Phone Home"

     When a ailen lands on earth. tow kids find him and take him back to their house. Not knowing anything about him or if he can talk, they play with him and try to teach him how to speak. When one day they were playing dress up, the boy was reading a newspaper when E.T. looked at him and said "phone home". At that point they knew he could talk and he then said "E.T. Phone Home". Now it's a well known quote, from a classic Stephen S. film.

#7 James Bond-"The Name is Bond, James Bond

     Since the first James Bond film that was made, back in the 60's, this one line become so famous that it is now in every James Bond films. You will notice in every film that it is there at least once (it's like a search and find). It first started in the first film, when he is gambling, someone asked him who he was, he responded wtih saying "The Name is Bond, James Bond". See Mr.Bond was a serect agent and he wanted people to know he was the real deal. So he would always be serious and that is one of his serious lines in the all the fims.

#6 Jerry Maguire-"Show me the Money

     Basically, when Jerry loses his job and gets another one, he finds it hard to get clients. But when Jerry has one client from his pervious job, he tries to prove him that he can still "Show him the money". So when Jerry is talking to his billion dollar client, his client wants to know if he can still show him the money, by a not-so-sure Jerry he responed, I can show you the money. His client didn't like that respond, so he asked again and again, until Jerry was confident and started yelling in his office, "Show me the money".

#5 Apollo 13- "Houston, I Think We Have a Problem

     When they are up in space, the astronauts think they have everything under control, when one of them turned off something when he didn't check to make sure everything was right. Turns up that something was off and when he turned it off a part messed up and an explosion happened, causing one of them to say "Houston, I think we have a problem". Now when something messes up, someone says or thinks it, it becomes a good quote to use.

#4 Jerry Maguire-"You had me at Hello"

#3 The Wizard of Oz-"There's No Place Like Home"

     It all started off when Dorthy hit her head during a torando storm. She dreamed that she was in Oz, where all the faces of her friends were there. Throughout the movie all she wanted to do was to find her way back home, to Kansas. Did she everything that the good witch told her to do and in the end the good witch told her to tap her sparkly red shoes three times and say these words, "There's No Place Like Home". It's a classic quote from one of the greatest films of all times.

#2 A Few Good Men- "You Can't Handle the Truth

     A Few Good Men is about a military guy trying to figure out a case that somebody else messed up on. In the end of the film he is in the court room defending his client and trying to prove another guy that he is guilty. When he is asking questions to the defendent, the defendent isn't giving him what he is looking for. They are going at it and when the denfendent doesn't answer one of the questions, it's like he is holding back, but then he yells out, "you wanna know the turth, you wanna know the truth, You Can't Handle the Truth", then he starts explaining what really happened in the case.

#1 Forrest Gump- "Run Forrest Run"

     Since Forest could walk, everyone knew he had a problem with his legs and not walking correctly. He had braces growing up and some of the kids would make fun of him. One day has him and Jenny were walking home from the bus stop a couple of boys started messing with Forest, throwing rocks and pushing him around. One of the boys said Lets Get Him, Jenny said to Forest, "Forest Run...Run Forest Run". This is my number one pick, just beacause so many people know this one-liner and uses it a lot. When you have someone that is a slow runner or some people just messing around with someone they will use this one-liner.